The Light Between Oceans

By on May 21, 2017

Grief is palpable in this beautiful, heartbreaking drama, intensified by Fassbender, Vikander, and Weisz’ excellent performances. The cinematography is exquisite — the landscape is a match to the epic story of pain and distance that The Light Between Oceans tells. Director Derek Cianfrance, who adapted the movie from the best-selling novel by M.L. Steadman, takes great pains to build the audience’s investment in Tom and Isabelle as characters before dismantling the happy life he establishes for them early on right before our very eyes. This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s brutal in its depiction of intimacy torn apart and a grief that can’t subside. It’s too bad that the ending feels rushed and Weisz’ character is slightly underwritten. Still,  “The Light Between Oceans” is one of the best movies I have ever seen. How refreshing to see a movie today with such depth, so morally thought provoking…and most of all, the beautiful and moving exchange of a most intimate kind of love. Out in theatres May 26, Age 14+

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