Toshiba’s new ‘Ultra fine bubble’ washer gets rid of stubborn laundry stains once and for all

By on May 31, 2017


Many top washing machine brands are reliable but none of them has Ultra fine bubble. Zaboon Ultra Fine Bubble is Toshiba’s latest fully automatic washer/dryer to be released in early July.


Ultra Fine Bubble technology creates micron size (50 or less) bubbles that penetrate into the narrowest gap in-between fibers. Because of its tiny size, the bubble is susceptible to buoyancy.  It therefore stays in water longer to help clean clothes better. Stubborn ring stains on collar for example, are very difficult to remove even with repeated washing.  It is common for people to use warm water to deal with these tough stains. Toshiba did a test on a white dress shirt using 2 different water temperatures to compare. The results below show that Ultra Fine Bubble action even in cold water,  performed well.


Clothing, especially white clothing, will start to turn yellow either from sweat coming in to contact with the fabric or age. Once the fabric has yellowed, simply washing the clothing will not remove the stain.  Toshiba explains, “Unlike regular washers, “Ultra fine bubble” wash can suppress accumulation of sebum dirt.”  This means that the yellowish stains appearing (on fabric) after being in storage for a long time, disappear.

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