Try this authentic Japanese summer dish at home

By on May 27, 2017

In the spring and summer,  Japanese people love to eat their noodles and fish cold.  Here’s a delicious sashimi recipe shared by Reiko Yoshikawa for your summer eating pleasure.

Salmon Tataki with Ginger Sauce

Dashi soy sauce (Dashi Shouyu in Japanese) is a type of soy sauce seasoned with fish broth (dashi) and mirin. It has a milder flavour than regular soy sauce, and enhances many Japanese dishes.

What you need:

1 salmon sashimi block
2 myouga* みょうが
4-5 shiso leaves* しそ
½ bunch spring onions 万能ネギ
1 inch grated ginger しょうが
4-5 tbsp dashi soy sauce だししょうゆ

Using a heated nonstick pan, sear the surface of the salmon, and then cool immediately in ice water. Wrap with paper towel.

Slice salmon 5mm thick and lay flat on plate.

Chop myouga, shiso, and green onion very finely.
Sprinkle over salmon

Mix the juice of grated ginger with dashi soy sauce. Pour over salmon right before serving. Serve cold.

*Myouga and shiso leaves are available at any green grocer in Tokyo. Other sashimi-grade fish may be used in place of salmon.

Sesame Green Beans

2 bags green beans いんげん
3 tbsp sesame paste 練りごま
2 tbsp dashi soy sauce だししょうゆ
3 tbsp crushed roasted sesame すりごま
2 tsp sugar

Cut beans in halves, wash and boil. Avoid overcooking. Cool immediately to prevent discoloration; drain.
Mix in bowl: sesame paste, dashi soy sauce, crushed sesame, sugar.
Add boiled green beans to bowl; mix well by hand.
In place of green beans, other less-watery vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and asparagus may be used.

Handy Hints: Dashi soy sauce may be purchased at Peacock grocery stores, the Yebisu Mitsukoshi, or by mail order in Japan and the United States.

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