Higher temperatures and warmer days and nights call for a shift in colours.

By on June 1, 2017


As Feng Shui serves to align people with their environment, for this philosophy to be truly effective one must pay attention to seasonal changes. As temperatures rise and daylight patterns shift, it is useful to make some adjustments at home to feel more at ease with the differing surroundings.

The warmer, longer days and cooler nights of summer bring about a different relationship with light. To benefit as much as possible from the increase in natural light, ensure that your windows are as clean and unobstructed as possible.

Higher temperatures and warmer days and nights call for a shift in colours. While warm tones are always recommended in Feng Shui, cooling things down in the summer can be appropriate. Blue sheets for beds are still not re-commended, as they can lead to increased emotional states and overall lethargy, but accenting with blue objects throughout each room in the home can help quench the thirst for cooler times. Glasses and plates in blues and greens add a cool, fresh zing to your drinks and nibbles. Don’t forget lots of ice for your drinks in a metal, blue, or green ice bucket!

With higher temperatures, the desire to cool off increases. Japan can often feel like the land of indoor refrigeration, an unfortunate irony as air conditioner use aggravates climate change. Open your windows and use fans as much as possible – there are many retro-design fans these days that add a fresh look to the rooms that they help to cool. Ceiling fans directly over the bed are a potential health risk, both energetically and physically; opt for a rotating fan to put near your window, preferably in the corner of a room (the back left is ideal, if possible, as the fan serves to accent the theme of wealth).

Patios and balconies are a great place to hang out (if you have them) as they enable you to enjoy the comfort of home while being part of the great outdoors. Parasols are a great way to create a cool environment: white ones allow for a brighter light while still providing shade; blue or green parasols that let light bleed through can give faces a somewhat ashen look, so if you are going for a tinted one, check the thickness and layering. Large metal wind chimes can serve as a reminder of the positive benefits the wind is bringing, while the deeper tones of larger chimes subconsciously have a cooling effect.

Plants on terraces and windowsills are a must – nature’s abundance of colours will raise your mood while the plants contribute to increased oxygen in the environment. Opt for a variety of species to help you better enjoy nature’s richness and beauty, and the myriad tones will help in bringing a multicoloured vitality to your life.

May summer’s warmth bring you days filled with radiance and nights glowing with enchantment.


About Mark Ainley

Mark Ainley is a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant and Emotional Stress Consultant living in Vancouver. A former 5-year resident of Tokyo, Mark consults with clients internationally to help them design living and work spaces in alignment with their goals. He also provides consulting in emotional stress management, as well as in the connection between facial structure and innate behavioural and communication patterns. He can be reached through his website: www.senseofspace.com and www.markainley.com.

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