The new questionnaire US visa applicants all over the world need to know

By on June 3, 2017

Are you traveling to the US this summer and need a US visa?

According to Reuters, the Trump administration has approved a new questionnaire for those who need a visa to enter the United States.

The new 3-page questionnaire named DS-5535 form will ask for social media handles (page 2) personal history including previous spouse’s details and previous travel and employment history dating back over the last 15 years.

It is expected that filling up the forms alone could take 60 minutes at best.  The US government, in confirming identity or conducting more rigorous national security vetting, could also prolong visa processing.

If you need a US visa to travel to the United States for vacation as a family or group, avoid unnecessary delay by applying well in advance.

Here is what the new additional visa form looks like.



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