To Lose Weight, Diet changes alone will not be enough.

By on July 27, 2017

The two principles of diet and exercise go hand in hand. Exercise is a topic that often freaks women out. When will I find the time? It’s never worked for me before. How do I start again? Maybe you have tried, on so many occasions, to get yourself into a routine and for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked. The intention is always good, but the reality is somewhat different.

All is not lost, though, and it is possible for you to give this another shot.

Building exercise into your daily routine should become a habit, like everything else you’re doing. Here are your top tips for getting started:

Choose an exercise that you feel will work for you, and set yourself realistic goals. The gym is a good option if you want somebody to set you up on a plan that is tailored to suit your needs. Aerobic walking and running are great ways to get fit without your bank balance being affected. Swimming, cycling yoga, spinning, pilots, dancing, aerobics…there are so many options for you to choose from. You might have to try a few before you find what’s best for you. The most important thing is to get active and increase your heart rate. Over time, this will make you fitter and your heart will become stronger.

If you are taking this seriously, you should be working out for at least half an hour, three to four times a week. Your aim should always be to increase your heart rate and get your muscles moving. All you need is a pair of good-quality trainers and a little bit of determination! Choose a pair that is suitable for the exercise you plan to do.

Write down what you are setting out to achieve. Post it on the fridge or on a mirror just make sure it’s somewhere that will provide you with a constant reminder of what you need to do. Use your diary or phone to mark in exactly when and where you are doing the chosen exercise. This means that you can’s say you didn’t have time or you forgot. Planning is everything. Seeing these plans written in black and white makes them real. You need to focus on following them through, taking it one day at a time.

Keep a history of what you achieve each time you exercise. For example, if you are running, keep track of your time and distance each time you go out. Keep pushing for your personal best. It’s a good way of measuring your progress and will also give you the motivation to continue. If you miss a day, do not be tempted to quit altogether. Use it as an opportunity to try harder and make up for lost ground the next time you work out.

Enjoy the feeling. Yes, you will ache a little for the first few weeks as your body adjusts to the foreign feeling of exercise! However, rest assured that this is perfectly normal. You are using muscles that haven’t had a day out in a very long time, but soon it will get easier. Your body is amazing and it will adjust to the changes. Be patient and five it time to get used to what you are doing. View the aches and pains as a sign that you are doing something right. Your hard work is worth it!

At the weekend, do something different, such as going for a walk to the park, not the one close to you but try to go an extra mile. Exercise is all about changing your habits and there is nothing to say that it can’t be enjoyable. Build into your weekend as well and try to get the whole family involved.

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