Acer announces release of Chromebook 11 in Japan

By on September 27, 2017

Acer has announced the release in Japan of Chromebook 11 series BC311-7H-N1-411 and C731-N14N this month.

Billed as the laptop with a killer battery life but costs considerably less than a MAC or Windows, Chromebook 11 hit Tokyo stores at the end of September. Features include improved rigidity, shock resistance, moisture resistance, overall performance even in high and low temperature and etc.. Chromebook has a nice surprise for accident-prone folks – the laptop has a drip proof feature. When you accidentally spill liquid (max 330 ml) on the keyboard, it comes out straight of a drain hole located on the bottom near the internal groove. Its battery life lasts 12 hours maximum at one charging which most students will find sufficient for a day’s study. The laptop has a simple design decorated with a pattern etched into its cover for grip and has two aluminum hinges. It may not have the little niceties other major PC brands offer but if it can get the work done, it can’t be bad. The retail price is still unannounced but should not cost more than its U.S. price ($249.00).

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