Ajinomoto Spices Up Gyoza’s Appeal To Attract Foreigners

By on September 26, 2017

The world is craving for Japanese food.

The interest in Japanese food is said to be increasing according to the latest statistics by UNESCO.  As of January 13, there are about 55,000 Japanese restaurants registered abroad and still counting.

While Sushi and Kobe steak’s rise to international fame deserves praise, Gyoza which is not considered a fancy food in Japan, still has a lot of catching up to do. Ajinomoto begs to differ.

To make a point, Ajinomoto opened a restaurant early this month where the star of the show is no other than Gyoza, a Japanese dumpling version of Chinese Jiaozi, usually served at ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

The traditional gyoza comes in many stuffing variations like meat, cabbage and lots of garlic. It is often served with a dipping sauce, which is a mix of vinegar and sesame oil.

GYOZA IT puts a positive spin on the Japanese dumpling as a ‘cool food’ by cooking it on a teppan in a modern open kitchen setting.  It will be offering different types of dipping sauce and stuffing to please discerning palates.  And don’t be surprised if you walk in and meet a non-Japanese serveur.  That’s the point!  Ajinomoto’s target audience is the foreign residents and tourists..

If you still haven’t tried Gyoza in your life, this is the place to have a first bite. The restaurant will stay open for five years until 2020 for the Tokyo Olympics.

Address :  1st floor The Hexagon bldg. 5-chome 4-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Akasaka (1 min on foot)
Open Lunch 11 am – 2 pm (starts in October, Dinner only until Sept 30, 2017)
Dinner 5pm – 11pm (10 pm last order)
Menu: Teppanyaki dishes, Japanese dumpling and other tapas size dishes
Accommodation: 120-seating space

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