Japan has a drinkable tofu. No, it’s not like soy milk.

By on September 12, 2017

A new drink has recently hit the store shelves at Tokyo’s convenience stores called “Nomu Tofu” or a drinkable Tofu.

I happened to grab one at the store today and tried it.   It is easy to assume that the flavor is no different from soy milk. It’s not.

To the uninitiated, the 130g Nomu Tofu manufactured by Sagamiya Foods Co. Ltd., one of the largest Tofu makers in Japan, tastes pretty much the same as eating the coagulated soy protein, only mildly sweeter with a hint of salt.

The mushy liquefied soy beans billed as a power drink, helps suppress hunger and contains these essential nutrients:



Calories  (Enerugi)  138 kcal

Protein  (Tanpakushitsu)  6.0 g

Fats    (Shishitsu)    10.3 g

Carbohydrates  (Tansuikabutsu)  5.5 g

Sodium   (Shokuen soto ryo)    0.4 g

What makes this drink different from soy milk is that after you drink the liquid, there’s some digging to do.  Dig your spoon into the spongy, yoghurt texture-like tofu to get the maximum Daizu (soybean) benefits.

And if you don’t like it plain, here’s good news. On September 18,  Sagamiya Foods will release its new Matcha (green tea) flavor.

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