Unique and Gorgeous Made-To-Order Christmas Cakes

By on September 11, 2017

This year, Boulangerie Shinagawa at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel turns the spotlight on Christmas goodies for kids. 

Starting today until October 31, the French bakers at the hotel will take orders for four unique Christmas cakes decorated with colorful mini size tarts designed with young children in mind.

Sapin de Noël 2017

A Christmas tree cake with a height of about 45 cm elaborately decorated with colorful petit tarts and petit eclair on top of  milk chocolate shaped like a sphere.  24-cm in diameter  (Price:  ¥18,000)

■ Tart flavors:  Mont Blanc, Raspberry, Pistachio, Orange
■ Eclair flavors:  Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel

Chocolat Rouge

Aptly named ROUGE CHOCOLAT, the cake is coated in bright Christmas red with  plenty of fresh berry toppings in orange chocolate chiffon and mousse with a slight hint of tea.  (Prince: ¥6500)

Amaou Royal Shortcake

A classic shortcake with white chocolate and Amaou strawberry topping and whipped cream frosting.  Amaou strawberry is Japan’s premium berry grown in Japan’s Hakata region.  Measures 15 cm in diameter and 11 cms in height.  (Price: ¥6,000)

Bûche de Noël

This is a classic Yule Log  coated with red marron cream icing and cassis, raspberry and marron-flavored mousse.  Measures 18 cm in diameter, 10 cm in height  (Price: ¥4,500)
The boulangerie will also take orders for special Christmas-themed breads until October 31.

1. Tree bread       ¥ 2,500
2. Snow Wreath  ¥ 1,200
3. Christmas Stollen  ¥ 2,000
4. Bella Becca ¥ 1,400
5. 3 kinds of Brioche (strawberry, orange, pistachio) ¥ 500 each

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