When is the best time to buy your child his first bike?

By on September 27, 2017

Honda says, when your child is 3.5 years old or at least 95 cms in height.

Honda rolls out its new 16-inch D-Bike Master and D-Bike series for first-time riders this month.

The conventional way of teaching a child to ride for the first time is by removing the pedals with the help of special tools to start off with balance. But with D-Bike Master, no tools or assistance are needed to remove or re-attach the pedals which makes for a very practical first bike.

The D-Bike, a sporty step-up version that comes in 16 and 18 inches, is for children who have done kick bikes. Honda’s D-Bike series have been meticulously designed by certified bike instructors with special focus on ease of use requiring no assistance.

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