Aomori man fakes coffee that could benefit pregnant women

By on October 15, 2017

A number of researchers say caffeine consumption by pregnant women could affect fetal weight and/or delay time of gestation.

While there’s still no clear answer as to how much caffeine is safe during pregnancy, gynecologists advise pregnant women to limit consumption or abstain completely to err on the side of caution. But for habitual coffee drinkers, this isn’t an easy habit to break.

Here’s some good news. A man from Aomori has just found a solution.

Yokitomo Shimotai, a cafe owner in Aomori prefecture, has faked coffee made from grilled garlic that tastes and looks as black as real coffee but, without the beans, caffeine and the pungence of the bulb.

The discovery came about when he mashed an overcooked garlic diluted with hot water and drank it out of curiosity.

It took 6-7 years for Shimotai to patent the product and develop it for public consumption. The aptly named ‘Garlic Coffee’ that comes in a packet of sachets, is now available and costs 324 yen.


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