Ninja wannabes take a certification test in Japan

By on October 19, 2017

In Japan, if you want to be a certified NINJA, you need to take a test.


On October 22, Sunday, 200 Ninja wannabes will be taking a certification test at the Koga Ryu School of Ninjutsu hosted by the Koga City Tourist Association of  Shiga Prefecture.  The test, open to fifth graders (and older), will include a general knowledge on Koga tribe Ninjas.  Ninjas from the ancient Koga tribe played a major role in Tokugawa Ieyasu’s famous move from Osaka to Mikawa (Battle of Honnoji) during the warring era of Japan.  Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was born in Mikawa,  was Japan’s  first shogun.

The 30-minute Koga Ninja  test consists of 4 options and 50 questions.  A score above sixty is passing and you can get a 10-point bonus for your ninja costume or ability to throw shuriken.



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