Sharp’s new family type washer/dryer redesigned

By on October 7, 2017

These days, there’s nothing stopping tech-savvy and design-conscious millennials from taking their rant or rave online about a product they hate or love.

This, in a way, has transformed consumers into ‘brand influencers’.  As a result, the competition between manufacturers in Japan especially where washing machine is concerned, has increasingly become competitive.

In 2016, Marsh Research Company polled 600 males and females ranging in age from their 20s to 40s.  71.5% of  those polled did their laundry every single day.

The results of a recent survey  by a Japanese news website,  Nifty News  rank Hitachi as the most popular brand (28.2%) in Japan followed by Panasonic (26.8%), Toshiba (18.8%), and Sharp (13.1%).

When it comes to a washing machine, it’s no longer just about functionality, consumers want something visually appealing too.

In answer to the increasing demand for stylish washing machines,
Sharp which was recently taken over by Foxconn, a Taiwan-based company,  unveiled its new automatic front load and top load washer/dryer.

The ES-P110 is a front load washer/dryer designed with mirror glass doors and touch display.

ES-P110 (Front load washer/dryer )   Retail price 355,320 yen   Date of release: Nov 9

Sharp’s ES-PU 11 B is a top load washer/dryer type that dries clothes gently at 50℃ to reduce fabric wrinkling.
It comes with a ‘Temperature sensor’ and a ‘Humidity sensor’ (rear side) to reduce power consumption. The Humidity sensor is a Sharp technology that cuts power use by less than half compared to the conventional models.
With the mirror glass top lid-less design, you can see the tub inside. 

Compared to previous models, the tub is also wider and can wash clothes up to 11 kg and spin dry up to 6 kg.

Above is a sample of a cotton shirt on a regular spin dry mode (left) and on the right is ‘shiwa osae‘  (wrinkle reduced) mode.

ES-PU 11 B  (Top load washer/dryer) Retail price 257,700 yen   Date of release: Oct. 19

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