Getting Active with Taiko Drums

By on November 10, 2017

Looking for a fun and exhilarating way to get fit ? How about an activity where you can learn about a traditional Japanese art form and improve your health? Then follow the beat to your nearest Taiko drumming class.

Taiko is an ancient sacred practice that first began as a form of communication. Different drumbeats were played to signal a good harvest or bad weather, to frighten away enemies, to communicate between villages or to send messages to the battlefield. Over time, Taiko continued to develop into what it is today: a visual spectacle of skill and stamina. By incorporating multiple drums, speed, and theatrics, modern Taiko moved from the world of warriors to the world of performing arts and now to the world of fitness. 

Aerobic workout & muscle toning

If you have ever watched this artistic and dynamic performance, the health and wellness benefits are immediately apparent. Taiko is more than a rhythmic medley of traditional and modern sounds—it is indeed a workout! In an active Taiko session, you work out the legs, abdominal muscles, arms, back and shoulders. Powerful strokes are needed to create the correct sound and resonance. A strong lower body stance is essential because Taiko is usually played while standing. In addition to lots of swinging arm movements, many Taiko drumming pieces also include energetic moves, trading places and acrobatic leaps. 

Therapeutic exercise

Need to release tension after a tough day? Then grab a ‘bachi‘ (drum stick), jump around and yell! The dramatic, exhilarating pounding away is  guaranteed to help release any pent up emotions and to boost your mood! In addition, because ensemble drumming requires precision, focus and teamwork, drummers also find Taiko to be a fun, exhilarating and soulful experience.  

Easy to try 

Taiko is great for men, women and children of all abilities who want to make some noise! To start, all you need is enthusiasm—no previous percussion experience is necessary. So, whether you have an interest in a traditional Japanese art, the desire for a new way to get fit, love music, want to meet new friends or just enjoy having fun, check out your local Taiko drumming class—it’s guaranteed to energize and empower!

Preserve a cultural tradition and get fit with Taiko! For more details, check out these Japanese and English sites:



(kids 3 years and above)


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