PIXI Academy: Building kids’ skills from the bottom up

By on November 11, 2017

If children are expected to solve real global problems such as analyzing complex data, adopting a design-and-build mindset (using new media and computational thinking) as well as applying social intelligence, then the work of putting them on a learning path to fill career opportunities tomorrow starts today.

PIXI Academy’s strong emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through play-based learning designed by the Sky Labo Team made up of members affiliated to Stanford University, especially helps build core skills and boost spatial intelligence.

The school draws its strength from Reggio Emilia early childhood education philosophy, best known for independent thinking and inquiry-based learning. It helps fast track children’s skills in collaborative problem-solving and decision making.

Studies reveal that learning happens through exploration and discovery when preschoolers are fully engaged. PIXI’s preschool programs and activities designed for experiential learning are fun to begin with.

The team also ensures that these activities are carefully matched to the dynamics of the class by re-evaluating it regularly to facilitate learning.

Creativity increasingly becoming an integral component of the STEM structure, is nothing new. Scientists believe that to truly engage young children and get them motivated by Math concepts, Science, Engineering and Technology which were once isolated subjects, adding an Arts curriculum to the mix is key.

PIXI’s fun-packed programs designed to boost children’s visual literacy include Taekwondo for kids, Music class, Performance Arts (where kids learn about different cultures that will enhance their understanding of the world and develop cultural sensitivity), as well as crafts and games. Apart from the regular 75-min Kids STEAM class where children have access to a STEAM park open to babies and toddlers, other programs are also offered.

Its unique play programs not only include a special class where Japanese language is introduced, foreign moms and dads too can sign up for a Japanese class separately, while kids are busy learning.

PIXI Academy, conveniently located in Azabu Juban, offers a pick-up/drop-off service for families who live within a 15-min drive to the school. For more details, www.pixiacademy.com/english/

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