Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

By on December 14, 2017

You haven’t seen action scenes with physics and logic-defying choreography like this before. Baahubali breaks massive chains with a mallet, brushes off mortal wounds with one hand, and launches himself over castle walls with determination and deceptive ease. He is merciless on the warpath, devastating a legion of enemy soldiers by lashing them to a tree trunk that he places in the path of a lightning bolt. Baahubali’s mom wields a severed head at one point. And did I mention that there’s singing? Our heroes’ actions are valorized through poetic, Greek chorus-like swooning that perfectly suits the film’s paradoxically arch but playful tone.
This is a refreshingly irony-free depiction of demigod-like men and the values and family members they fight to protect. And for once in what feels like a long while, this type of old-fashioned entertainment works without feeling like a throwback or an homage to a pre-existing work of pop art.

Out in theatres Dec. 29

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