Final Portrait

By on December 14, 2017

Written and directed by Stanley Tucci, the film is a biographical story of famed Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti with constant bits of comedy, drama and real acting. Set in the 60s Paris, journalist James Lord sits for a portrait with Alberto (played by Geoffrey Rush) who paints meticulously working every detail. The film is one of Rush’s best performances yet, the film is a wonderful depiction of Giacometti’s artistic process, watching him produce his work with only his own inner voice to guide him. Rush plays him as a man who never lets a moment of pleasure pass him by, and everything he does is based on spontaneous impulse. So the people around him need the patience of a saint. The wry Hammer is a terrific foil for the blustering Rush, sitting with a bemused smile watching the chaos unfold around him while wondering how he can extricate himself from this situation without ruffling the artist’s feathers. It’s not an easy film to get a grip on, especially since it looks almost fantastical.

Age 18 + Out in theatres Jan. 6

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