Japanese man offers a smart tip on how to add artsy effects to your photos with a cardboard.

By on December 15, 2017

The city is well lighted up from the string of fairy lights at Christmas markets  to the grandiose displays at our favourite shopping centres.

Capture the bright lights and add special effects to your shots without having to buy special lens. All you need is a cardboard.

A Japanese twitter user offers a brilliant tip using an improvised “tama boke filter” or ball-blurring filter made from scratch.  It went viral and got him 49,000 likes in 3 days!

What this does is – blur out and change the shape of light into a star, heart, flower, Mickey Mouse or whatever shape you want.  You too can try it at home.  

One final tip: “If you are shooting from a snowy place, use only single focal lens,” says @HoshinoYu522.

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