Japan’s Internet Download Speed Has Just Gone Faster Than Last Year

By on December 17, 2017

Internet speed-test company OOKLA reports internet download speeds for world’s broadband and mobile connections grew more than 30 percent in 2017.

In just one year, Japan’s broadband download speed jumped to 73.51 mbps in 2017, a 20.7% increase compared to the previous year.  Generally, most countries’ internet speeds increased more than 30% in 2017.

Growth was attributed to network improvements in many countries of which Norway, Australia and India saw 77% increase in broadband speeds this year making it the most evolved of all the countries in the world. Still, it ranks 76th out of all countries, with an average broadband download speed of 18.82 Mpbs.

Countries with the fastest broadband speed
Singapore 153.85mbps
Iceland 147.51
Hong Kong 133.94
South Korea 127.45
Romania 104.46
Hungary 92.47
Macau 87.14
Sweden 84.11 mbps
Netherlands 81.46 mbps
Switzerland 80.82 mbps
Lithuania 75.94 mbps
United States 75.94 mbps
Denmark 75.42 mbps
Japan 73.51 mbps
Norway 72.82 mbps

Countries with the fastest mobile download speeds
Norway     62.66 mbps
Netherlands     53.01mbps
Iceland      52.78 mbps
Singapore    51.5 mbps
Malta     50.46 mbps
Australia    49.43 mbps
Hungary     49.02 mbps
South Korea  47.64 mbps
United Arab Emirates   46.83 mbps
Denmark    43.31 mbps
Luxembourg     42.82 mbps
Belgium    41.6 mbps
New Zealand    40.22 mbps
Canada     39.58 mbps
Switzerland     39.45 mbps


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