Review: Kingsman The Golden Circle

By on December 14, 2017

The original Kingsman elevated the spy genre to an entirely new level, with its mesmerizing cinematography and action scenes more fast and well synchronized than in any other title. I had high hopes for its sequel, and while I’ve noted that Golden Circle is a significantly flawed movie, I wasn’t even close to disappointed by the aspects of it mirroring what I loved about the first. While Kingsman clearly enjoys purposefully playing off of tropes and nuances, I felt the outlandish-villain-mass-producing-harmful-products element a little redundant from the first movie. There were plot holes, some scenes that didn’t really speak to me–but overall I had a great time watching this with my friends. I’d highly recommend it to kids over 13; similar to the first, it has stylized, occasionally gory action violence–bullet wounds, explosions, and characters pushed into a meat grinder (not graphic)-semi-frequent strong language and sexual references / situations. The most suggestive sequence is when Eggsy is recruited to sleep with a woman at a music festival as part of an intelligence mission. Good for teens.

Age 13+ Out in theatres Jan. 5

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