Review: The Counter Custom Burgers

By on December 12, 2017

Last week, my family and I had the opportunity to visit The Counter Custom Burgers,  an L.A. style hamburger joint in front of the Tokyo Midtown.

It opened a few months ago with a strong pitch:  CUSTOMIZED burgers.

Except for the kids, both my husband and I are not big hamburger fans but, being in a city like Tokyo where most burger restaurants aren’t flexible,  its ” Create Your Own Burger” concept is somehow a breath of fresh air.

So we tried  and experimented with a range of traditional burgers and a huge choice of different combinations available. You can mix and match your burger with anything from a very large list of options, and the food is competitive in terms of quality.

We walked in at lunch time and there was quite a long queue.  There is a counter where you can order takeout but the kids insisted we ate inside so waiting was what we did. We waited roughly half an hour to get seated, something quite rare to experience in Tokyo.

When we finally got seated, I ordered two burger sets for my husband and myself, and two kid’s burger for the boys. The kids’ burgers did not arrive until after 15-20 minutes. We have been eating out most of the time. Fifteen minutes waiting time at a hamburger joint in Tokyo does not seem reasonable. I think the restaurant could get more help at peak lunch hours.

Because quite frankly, despite the food being very good, there is a huge number of customer-friendly restaurants that are better prepared to please customers than this place.

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