The grandiose display at the Tobu World Square is worth seeing with your kids.

By on December 15, 2017

Every year, our host country brings out a lavish set of decorations and turns it into an LED extravaganza.  The Tobu World Square is no exception.

On our visit to Nikko’s monkey site Edo Wonderland, we made a side trip to the Tobu World Square a part of our itinerary and the kids were very happy that we did. The intricate details of each zone were so close to the real place and it really can give you an overall view of the different countries.

The park is divided into zones: America, Egypt, Europe, Asia, and of course Japan. There are so many famous miniature world landmarks ranging from the Eiffel Towers of Paris and the Egyptian Pyramids to the White House and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A visit here can be educational for some children who yet have to learn about these famous beauties.

If you have never been to this type of park before, it is worth planning a family trip early morning and staying late for the dramatic holiday illumination.

My two boys have visited many of them and this brought back fond memories of our travels. You must have a full day to wander around the entire park or it can be quite rushed, this from a family that likes to do things together one at a time.

We visited the place late November and we are glad we did. The landscaping was well put together and we snapped a photo of each archaeological site as we moved to the next. One important tip: Bring a very good camera. The theme park’s awe-inspiring wonder is truly instagram worthy.

We thought this trip was going to be a bore, but we were so wrong. The park is much bigger than we had expected, it took us several hours wandering in one zone. If you are going with small children, make sure they wear very comfortable shoes and warm clothing.

And in case you want to take a break and leave the park to return for the illumination, keep your tickets and ask for re-entry.

Tobu World Square’s Winter Illumination runs  until March 2018.

Tickets:  ¥1,500 (adults)  ¥1,000 (children aged 4 and above) 

Hours and prices for the winter illumination are different from regular park hours.  Ask for details here

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