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By on December 15, 2017

Just a 50-minute flight away, Hachijo-jima where seven great onsen resorts can be found, lies about 300 kilometers south of Tokyo.

This subtropical island makes for a fantastic weekend getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hachijo boasts some of the best scuba diving in Japan, great hiking, and a number of  golf courses. The little ones might like a stop at the botanical garden to visit the native deer-like kyon, or bang away at a taiko drum in the cultural village. Formed by the eruptions of three volcanoes: Hachijo Ko-jima, Mt. Hachijo Fuji, and Mt. Mihara, the island holds seven natural onsen that take away the workaday stresses of the mainland.

Fureai No Yu (Kashitate Mukaizato)

Kashitate Mukaizato, Fureai no Yu

When driving up Mt. Mihara, the first onsen is Fureai No Yu (Kashitate Mukaizato) in the village of Kashitate, and great spot to start a hot spring tour.

Adults ¥300 | Children ¥100
Opem  10:00-22:00. Closed  Tuesdays
Address  1812-3 Kashitate, Hachijo-machi, Hachijojima, Tokyo 100-1621



Next up is the village of Nakanogo and home to the majority of Hachijo’s hot springs. The most popular of them is Uramigataki, a mixed bathing type of hot spring situated above a rushing waterfall and surrounded by dense and tangled vegetation. Bathing suits are required and admission is free, but before sinking into the onsen, take a short 10-minute hike to Uramigataki waterfall just across the street.

Blue Port Spa The Boon

Continuing on to Blue Port Spa The Boon, with its hard-to-miss dual octagonally-shaped buildings, you will find two other bathing tubs along with the island’s only public sauna: Nakanogo Onsen Yasuragi no Yu and Foot Bath Kirameki

Nakanogo Yasuragi no Yu

Nakanogo Yasuragi no Yu

Two more onsen round out Nakanogo’s offerings. Just follow the road from The Boon down the hillside to find the unassuming Yasuragi No Yu, Hachijo’s only clear water onsen (all the others are slightly cloudy).

Foot Bath Kirameki

Foot Bath Kirameki

Continue down to the port of Aigae to find the Foot Bath Kirameki onsen, Hachijo’s foot onsen, where you can sit and admire the stunning sea views while soaking your trotters in the trough-like tub.

Miharashi onsen

Miharashi Onsen

Now it’s on to the village of Sueyoshi where you’ll find Hachijo’s most popular onsen, Miharashi for its stunning view. It  sits atop rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean, where you can sit in the buff under a blanket of stars soaking in pure volcano-fed hot springs.


Hachijo Ko-jima’s final onsen offering of Hachijo-jima is the admission-free Borazawa, just a stone’s throw from the main surfing beach.

Getting There

For a quick and easy weekend escape ANA offers daily flights.  Alternatively,  an overnight ferry leaves Takeshiba Port nightly at 22:30, and arrives in Hachijo 11 hours later.

Where to Stay

Most hotels and minshuku are in the villages of Mitsune and Okago. Try the Galaxy Guesthouse in Okago or the Hotel Lido Azzurro.

More Information
Visit for more information on Hachijo-jima.

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