Tully’s Coffee Now Selling 2018 “Happy Tote Bags”

By on December 5, 2017

Tully’s Coffee Japan collaborates with apparel maker Onward to offer its customers an original tote bag containing zodiac themed beans and a variety of goods to ring in the new year.  Happy bags will come in three types and are now available to reserve.

3,000 yen limited tote bag (mustard yellow / navy) includes:
5 drink tickets
Limited beans exclusive to happy bags, coffee candy, zodiac mini-teddy

5,000 yen limited tote bag (black) includes
8 drink tickets
Three types of limited beans, a textured cover cloth note and a zodiac mug.

10,000 yen Original Paper Bag includes
20 drink tickets included
5 types of select beans, honey and matrioshka doll

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