Love “Ichigo”? Take the family to the Strawberry Fair at the Alice-in-Wonderland-themed “Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant”

By on January 28, 2018

Instagram-worthy strawberry-themed desserts galore! Who needs Disneyland when you can have this within a quick distance from Tokyo?

Until February 28, Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant’s four Tokyo restaurants will be dishing out Alice-in-Wonderland-themed desserts.  The star of the show is none other than the mighty fruit in season – ICHIGO!


Strawberry Fondue  ¥1,680 – Dip the strawberries, French toast, marshmallows, cheese into a creamy strawberry dip. Coat it with crunch chocolate, pop sugar or nuts as you wish.  The dip is a unique concoction of  tea, cinnamon, clove, cardamon, ginger, pepper and etc.

A blue and pink pop drink with a hint of strawberry flavor  and  Cheshire cat in the background with his famous grin would make for a good instagram photo!

Cheshire cat’s strawberry hunt  860 yen.  A strawberry and banana parfait.

Queen of Hearts’ Very Berry tea  780 yen

Alice’s strawberry basket  ¥880

Chelsea Cat Fluffy Berry Berry (¥880) is a refreshing yogurt drink topped with a fluffy strawberry whipped cream and a chocolate bar shaped like a heart trump card.

Fluffy Strawberry Pancake Gratin style  ¥1,300  Baked pancake stuffed with fresh strawberries, grilled marshmallows, and eggs. Strawberry whipped cream and ice cream toppings give it a good punch!

Mirror Clock rare cheesecake ¥980


Address: 1-5-1 Nishi Shinjuku Shinjuku Ward Shinjuku Nishiguchi Hulk B3F
TEL: 03-3340-2466

Address: Chuo-ku Ginza 8-8-5 Sun Building 5F
TEL: 03-3574-6980

Address: 2-16-8 Minami Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Suzawa Building B1F
TEL: 03-3985-2193

Address: 1-6-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku Ward T-wing building B2F
TEL: 03-3207-9055

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