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Tokyo families magazine is an A4 size monthly niche publication with a strong focus on tastes and interests of a select audience – the English-speaking families.

By using Tokyo families media products, you reach the perfect audience without having to pay for media wastage. Media buyers and advertisers understand that using a niche publication puts their advertising budget to effective use. That’s because other publications with mass appeal have lower CPMs and have waste coverage. Tokyo families magazine, being a niche publication, can put advertising in front of special interest and highly desirable demographic groups as accurately as possible. In the real estate industry, it is all about “location, location, location”. In the media industry, it is only about “audience, audience, audience”.


Display advertising  (デェイスプレー広告)
Display ads vary in size and occupy large visible spaces on a page, surrounded by graphic borders with images and text. Advertisers like display ads because they can include all promotional, price offering, product or service information, branding, and corporate image in one space. Display ads give the audience more product options to consider and increase the likelihood that one or more of advertised items will appeal to the readers and eventually become potential customers. Page positioning for full page ads or spread available.

Inserts (折り込み広告)
Inserts or advertising circulars that are distributed through the magazine like flyers, postcards or “chirashi”散らし. Some advertisers choose inserts because they can gain economies of scale by printing thousands of copies at a time and send them to us to distribute their advertising messages. Pre-print advertisers can usually print and distribute more pages of advertising using this method. We accept booking for advertisers who want to zone distribution to targeted areas only.

Advertorial (記事広告)
Many marketers depend on public relations and free publicity to promote their products or services. However, not all publications can guarantee placement and size of publicity especially if marketers provide PR materials just before breaking a mass media campaign. Too much of this is an indication of a pending or zero advertising budget. To advance interest and gain timely advantage over industry competitors, advertisers use a paid publicity form known as “advertorial”.  Advertorial space in Tokyo families magazine is limited to centerspread, full page and half page only.

Marketplace  文字広告
Marketplace ads are basically “classified ads” and consist of a limited number of words and logo or image with no graphics included. The shopping environment in Tokyo families magazine works for advertisers because readers know where to look for products or services they need at a glance.

Banner ads in Tokyo families website are available in standard 300x250x, 728×90, 160×600, and 220 x 90 px sizes.

Tokyo families has produced Halloween events and Kids Fashion show for H&M, Mori no Kids, and Little Marc Jacobs attracting more than 2,000 families in Kanto.


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